3D Tutorial
3D tutorials is a great place to go for XSI tutorials. These are the lessons that
you need on the job. All New Blood artists get extensive training through the
great DVDs that are offered here. Learn these skills and you are sure to have a
place here or in any major studio!
Digital Tutors
Digital Tutors is another great company offering in-depth and
extensive tutorials. Learn here to succeed on the job!
One of the industries leading packages! This is one of the staples of the
New Blood artists. Any character or creature design is done with XSI. Go
here to get a free demo of XSI!
Maya is another leading software package that New Blood uses! This is
the leading FX software package. Go here to get a demo of this award
winning software
Vue 5
Vue 5 is a great software package for creating realistic landscapes. With the
capability to handle millions of polygons with no lag this software is a great
tool when you need a landscape.
XSI Base
XSI Base is a great site for tutorials, shaders, tools, contest to test your
modeling skills and more.
Boxx Technologies
Boxx has some of the leading technology used by New Blood
Productions. For a look at a new KILLER RIG that we will be getting
go here and check out the Apexx8 workstation imagine 8 dual core
cpus and 128GB of RAM!!!!!!!
David Alder
David Alder, 3d modeler